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The passion for gambling risks becoming an enslavement. We wish to clarify, first of all, that the Catholic Church, according to its traditional theology does not consider gambling to be intrinsically evil. But the matter of fact is that most of them loose their money and a very few win money. Gamblingor gamingis the staking of money or other thing of value on the issue of a game of chance. The bishop tried to defend himself gambling sin catholic saying that chess thunder valley casino job not dice. Cyprianbut by modern scholars variously attributed to Popes Victor I, Callistus I cathooic, and Melchiadesand which undoubtedly is a very early and interesting monument of Christian antiquity, is a vigorous denunciation of gambling. Yes we need money to live on and the deprivation of money can cause great suffering.

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Gambling could be a temptation to sin. Lust is a sin but I don't wear blinders when I go to the beach! A Catholics we are to avoid the near. When it comes to gambling, the actual act is not considered an evil by the Catholic Church. There is no mention of the word “gambling” in the. The passion for gambling risks becoming an enslavement. It is a sin against the dignity of persons and their fundamental rights to reduce them by violence to.